Adjusting Positions (Arbitrum)

If a user already has a position open, follow this flow.

Start here

Suppose you have this position open...
The Collateral and Amount data is currently uneditable.
Update Position — click to edit collateral or amount and update the position
Close Position — fully closes position (sets collateral & amount to 0)

Updating Collateral, Amount, and/or leverage

Start by clicking the update position button to make the parameters editable.
Enter in new position data. These numbers represent the new position. The UI will autocalculate the difference between your current position and the new position you are requesting to open.
To reset the values or return to the current view of the position, simply click "Cancel." This will take you back to the uneditable state.

Confirm position changes

A pop up to confirm the changes will appear.

Congratulations! Your position has been updated

Once again, the position is now in a Pricing state. This is necessary to prevent frontrunning. The position will be fully modified and eligible for Profit and Loss after the next oracle update. For more information, see the Settlement section.
Under P&L, a tooltip will show the average entry price across the lifetime of the position.
This differs from the "Entry price" which shows the entry price of the latest postition change.