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Can you launch X market?

Perennial is constantly evaluating demand for different markets. Based on this & available liquidity, new markets will be launched. If you are interested in a particular market, please share it in the Traders channel on our Discord.

When will vault capacity be increased?

Following the initial launch of V2, we expect vault capacities to be increased slowly as the new protocol spends futher time in the market. This ensures the smooth operation of the protocol, by ensuring predicable liquidity for traders and steady rates for makers.

What types of collateral can you deposit?

The protocol operates with purely stablecoin collateral. This means you can either deposit the USDC or DSU stablecoins to the protocol. Learn more about the protocol collateral here.

What is DSU?

DSU is akin to a stablecoin wrapper. It was chosen as the base collateral for Perennial as it reduces some of the undesirable characteristics of stablecoins & helps future proof the protocol.
See more about it here.