What is Perennial Finance?


Perennial is a DeFi-native derivatives primitive that allows for the creation of two-sided markets that trade exposure to an underlying price feed in a capital efficient manner. Learn more about the protocol here.

App: is one of the frontends for the Perennial protocol.

How is Perennial different from other derivative protocols?

Perennial features a number of design decisions to keep it simple, modular and capital efficient:

  • USD Collateral - Trades settled in USD, not volatile cryptocurrencies, this simplifies the protocol mechanism and improves resilience.

  • High Leverage - Positions up to 50x are possible with the Perennial protocol.

  • Position Netting - Trades are matched against each other to ensure the protocol is capital efficient & that maker positions can cover larger trades.

  • Maker Vaults - Makers can LP directly with the protocol or use a Vault. This simplifies LP for users unfamiliar with providing liquidity.

  • Permissionless — Permissionless market creation, integration, and composability.

Does Perennial charge a platform fee?

Perennial has the option to apply a protocol level fee. However, at the moment the fee is 0 and there are no plans to increase it in the foreseeable future.

Does Perennial have plans for a token?

At this time, Perennial doesn't have plans to release a token.

How can I contact the Perennial team?

You can message a team member on the Perennial Discord server or email

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