Building on Perennial

Perennial is designed to be a minimalist protocol that is supported by a whole ecosystem of products built on top, each creating a unique experience for a specific subset of users. This includes things like LP yield vaults, novel financial products (especially structured products), and new protocols that leverage the power of derivatives under the hood.

Why build on Perennial?

Cheapest place to hedge (or get exposure) โ€”ย Perennial's mechanism is designed to be as efficient as possible for those using Perennial as a building block. This means perennial has no/low transaction fees (so cheap rebalancing), low funding fees, and no price impact from big buys/sells.

Easiest place to hedge โ€” Unlike all the trading products out there that are hard to use in DeFi products (too expensive or hard to integrate), Perennial was initially designed with developers in mind. Our code is clean & integrations are easy. Perennial is built with the hooks developers need to build the next generation of hedged vaults and structured products.

Modular + fully synthetic โ€”ย Perennial markets are maximally flexible. As long as there is a price feed, any market can be created. The parameters and structure of each market can be fully customized (and is built for plug & play features).

Integration Pathways

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